I’m super excited to be wrapping up work on this collaboration (one of my first ever) with Sean T. Randolph, who is not only a wonderful friend but one of my favorite artists and poets. I don’t know exactly what it is about his work, but he just nails it every time with his poignant text, gestural landscapes and awkward-yet-poised and so familiar characters. I wish I could have him write or draw something on all of my paintings from now on, as his work just sums them up so perfectly.

This collaboration has been a great experience, pushing me to experiment with different media, to work in new scales, at a different pace, and in response to thoughts other than those in my own little head. And we’ve still got a whole mural to make over the next few weeks! Here’s the show info:


A collaborative art show by Josie Morway and Sean T. Randolph, sponsored and hosted by Firefly Bicycles in Boston.

Friends who live on opposite coasts, Josie and Sean originally connected through bikes and the people who build and ride them, and discovered a shared love of poetry, wilderness, under-planned journeys, and each other’s work. After years of correspondence, punctuated by impromptu meet-ups to get lost in deserts, the two are collaborating visually for the first time. They’ve created work in conversation with nature and with one another, sending it back and forth across the country with the hope that it grows wiser and wilder from all that travel.

 The show consists of meandering narratives, intuitive weaving of words and imagery on paper, canvas and board, and culminates in the creation of a site-specific mural.


Opening Reception:
Sunday August 20th 6-9 pm
Firefly Bicycles
117 Boston Street, Boston, 02125

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This opening is the day after D2R2, for those of you who are riding this year. Join us to recover, recap and reminisce, while celebrating the opening of HOW TO START A FIRE.  Bring your leftover raffle tickets from D2R2 for a chance to win art prints and other surprises.