Opening October 25th, 6-9pm

2728 NE Alberta St, Portland, Oregon 97211

I’m sure you’re all already fans of @scottlistfield’s work, as I am. I’m a little bereft right now, because he just moved out of my neighborhood and on to Los Angeles, which will put a cramp in our weekly coffee dates but hopefully not stop us from collaborating and showing together.
On October 25th we’ll be opening our two person show, Migrations, at @antlerpdx. We will both be at the opening, so please come out, say hi, and see the tremendously different – yet somehow eerily similar – we both use wildlife and nature in our work.

Josie Morway creates detailed paintings of birds, animals and foliage that resemble religious portraits from the Italian Renaissance, bestowing upon the creatures a sense of divine eminence. Her highly detailed works are expertly rendered in oil paint, and in the past have often included intricate geometric pattern-work or lettering which are painted in gold enamel. In this particular series Josie was thinking about the concept of borders, the ways in which they develop naturally, the human tendency to want to impose them on the earth unnaturally and their capacity to alter movement, growth, safety and refuge. The subjects here can be seen pulling gold thread through the paintings as though they are drawing and redrawing their own borders.