I recently finished two pieces for a show called Vestiges at Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco. The show is curated by the talented Scott Listfield, and I’m honored to be included in the small group of friends he’s selected.

The first piece is titled Sero Venientibus Ossa 1, latin for “To the late are left the bones”. Magpies harvest an offering of smokey quartz, in memory of other feathers, from the antlers of a fallow deer. Here are some progress shots and the final piece, which is 24″x36″ in oil and enamel on wood.

The second piece for the show is, predictably enough, called Sero Venientibus Ossa 2, and shows the gaze of a barn owl under a life-cycle mandala of bone and fern. The finished piece is 16×20″ in oil paint and gold enamel on wood.

Please contact Gauntlet Gallery if you’re interested in either of these pieces.