I’ve just sent a new piece to be shown in Cherry Blast,  at the Carnegie Library in Washington DC as part of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. I’m calling the piece (and have lettered upon it) Contra Vim Mortis Non Crescit Salvia in Hortis, a latin phrase meaning “No herb grows in the garden against the power of death”. In keeping with the symbolism of the cherry blossom, a reminder of the fragility and brevity of life and of the beauty inherent in the cycle of birth and decay.




From the event website: “The Japanese-inspired event brings the energy and excitement surrounding its pop cultural experiences to the Festival. At Carnegie Library, revelers can enjoy a range of activities from manga and gaming to electric drifting competitions. Attendees can also partake in creative cosplay contests and learn about the latest Japanese fashion trends – straight from the runway. And the opportunity to relish in mouth-watering Tokyo street food, sake tastings and sushi workshops are just a few of the experiences available. Just when guests think it can’t get any better, they discover DC’s largest Japanese-inspired dance party, which showcases Asia’s alluring club and techno scenes.”

April 16, 2016
For tickets and more information visit, EventsDCCherryBlast.com.